WPDC WORLDWIDE OPERATION
    • Love in-depth to One's Nation as well as at the same in Loving to All Other Nations of Human World & Our Earth are Priceless Symbol of a True Soldier who stands firmly with All Human Families throughout the world for the World Peace
    • If anyone tries to discriminate or dominate or humiliate to else any human whether at Military Field or Civilian Field or at Any Field,  such person is NEVER a good person or a true soldier
    • Every soldier whoever are even retired of any reason NEVER mean soldiers are not  anymore in Military Duty of Each Own Occupation or not a soldier anymore! when it was especially caused by internal conflicts or external interferences or disagreements or political corruption within Military Related Commands or tries to pressure by any type of media or politic movement/activity 
    • If anyone acts as a nationalism who tries to represent only for any one nation, he/she is NEVER a true soldier (even wearing uniform of any military of any nation) those might even act secretly as a weapon of politicians to attack warfare to else any nation in hidden other than where they represent at absolute-dishonest
      • Any soldier who takes the order in command of any politician at any nation are NEVER a true soldier and are not representing such nation; even to each self or to nationals of such particular entire public

    • Commander in Chief of Any Nation shall NEVER work jointly to Any Politic/Public Office or Politically related Any Duty - even of such each particular nation. If it's doing so, that is certainly a wrong direction of wrong governing structure at worst in deepest political corruption; must be corrected

    • Any Rule, Law or Regulation of Any Nation shall NEVER force directly or indirectly to each own nationals of any age to serve at any position of Military Duty without each own consent to go any battle or to war. If is doing so will be faced by who makes such sooner or later at World Military Tribunal for the case similar to inhumane threat convicting acts to each own nationals and to distress their families 
    This site is continuously updating time after time as is at it's necessary for all the world soldiers of every nation to know important C.O.C. (Code of Conduct) to be able to follow the actual real world practice of The World Military Principle - According to Her Majesty HM. DR. Aye HM The World Majesty of The Majesty Kingdom Origin . All Rights Reserved.

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    Appreciations by Golden Palace Origin
    • General Tha Aye of World Generals HQ for World Majesty Military Highest Honor recognized by Diamond Palace Original Headquarters of World Kingdoms on behalf of Golden Place Origin & The Golden Generals HQ

      (Formerly Lt. General Tha Aye, 1st BSO of Former Ministry of Defense just was an Earning Career for his military duty for living.  Note: NOT a member of SPDC of Former Structure Union of Myanmar) 

    • 1st Top Domain Registrars
    • 1st Search Engine &
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    • 1st Social & Commercial Network
    •, & All Virtual Society 
    • His Royal Highness the Prince Andrew of Canada
    Still much more to list many individuals, teams of extra ordinary & organizations in appreciation for their best effort of desire for the world peace as we all deserve equally in loving; in consideration of the future of all our children throughout the world together with The Majesty Family Origin and World Kingdoms of HM World Society.
    © This column is projected in pursuit to earn unlimited entry to All The World Nations without any visa requirement by World Majesty Family with Co-current of Selected WPDC Leaders at Military Highest Honor; shall all time maintain and to protect The Highest Prestige & Necessary Highest Reputation of The Majesty Family: Most Peaceful Majestic Discipline is best for safety of Human, Our earth & Universe.

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